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‘Tea-time with Testers”  magazine is a result of joint efforts taken by Lalitkumar Bhamare and Pratikkumar Patel. They are the founders and editors of this magazine, accompanied by their team members who belong to different corners of the world.

We’ll forever be proud of having had Jerry Weinberg as part of our editorial team for years. With his regular guidance and feedback, Tea-time with Testers has made an everlasting impression on the global testing community. Jerry’s work and his teaching will forever stay with us and we’ll give our best to pay it forward.



Giving voice to the community of software testers is our primary goal. Being testers with an ignited passion for continual learning and an honest desire for contributing to the field of software testing, we are committed to giving our best towards the betterment of the testing community.


Lalitkumar Bhamare

CEO, Co-founder, and Chief Editor

Pratikkumar Patel


Dr. Meeta Prakash

Editorial Board Member


David Levitt

Editorial Board Member

Dirk Meißner

Editorial Board Member

Shweta Daiv

Back Office Support


Rohit Kadam

Editorial Board Member


Astrid Winkler

Operations and Sales