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Advertising Services

We are connected with over 20,000 readers across 102 countries in the world. Under advertising services, we offer:

  • Designing excellent adverts to compliment your product.
  • Electronic advertising on our website.

  • Adverts in our digital (and on-demand print) magazine

  • Adverts via promotional emails, newsletters, and news section in the magazine

  • Adverts on our website via banners, videos, press releases, and announcements.

  • ​On-line promotions/marketing via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn updates.

  • You can also sponsor our testing events and webinars.

And that’s just not it. You will get a FREE consultation from our marketing experts who will help you choose the right mode of advertising with us. We understand your needs and also your budget, so don’t worry!

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Ratings and Review

Life is busy and people don’t have much time to ‘Try, evaluate, and decide’ things. And that is why good books, tools, and other initiatives go unnoticed. But that does not mean there is no one to value your work and invention.

If you want your book, tool, or any idea to reach a wider audience then allow us to help you.

Here are some reasons why you should buy Reviews and Rating from us:

  • We only write unbiased & original reviews.
  • To get more product/service exposure.
  • We write for our audience.
  • Our opinions are editorial in nature. We won’t write anything that is not true.
  • With our insightful reviews, we’ll make sure that your product gets the attention that it deserves.
  • We take our reputation seriously.

How to Buy Reviews?

If you have any product or service related to software testing, we are interested to know more.

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Strategic Partnerships

Our team has great experience with the software testing industry, market needs, and situations. Plus, with our wider connect with the global software testing community, we consider ourselves well placed for supporting new ideas, initiatives, and campaigns alike.

Our team would be happy to discuss, consult, and support your ventures should you require any strategic partnership or mutually beneficial collaborations.