T. talks Testing.


Corners are interesting as they are subtle, invisible really. They could be complex with many things that intersect and therefore display a unique behaviour. They may not necessarily be symmetrical at ends, nor be similar to behaviour in the middle.

As a developer focused on solving a problem for typical or generic cases one may not see the interesting extremities. For example, we do everything right for a system in a normal state but miss out on what happens when it is brought up the first time. This article outlines eight heuristics I discovered when testing a product that we were building, a SaaS platform.

The heuristics outlined are based on these aspects: Time, Lifecycle, Transformation, Position, Space, and Size.

T Ashok

Ashok is a test Professional. Founder & CEO STAG Software.Ultra Cyclist. Ultra Runner. Wordsmith. Passionate about excellence, his mission is to invent technologies to deliver “clean software”. He can be reached at ash@stagsoftware.com